Will The New Year Bring Better Finances For You? Modesto Bankruptcy Could Help

January 2, 2012

At least one Modesto family is hoping that 2012 brings some better fortune than 2011, as their finances have gotten difficult because of job loss.

This is a common refrain that our Modesto bankruptcy lawyers have heard in the last several years as many people struggle with the effects of the economy. Foreclosures, unemployment, high medical bills and other factors have led to financial ruin.
But there is help and it comes in the form of filing for bankruptcy in Modesto. Some people do all they can to avoid bankruptcy, while remaining unaware of the many benefits of these laws.

For people struggling with job loss, a bad mortgage situation or foreclosure, major medical bills that have turned into debt problems or credit card payments that have sparked late fees and high interest rates, bankruptcy can actually be very beneficial. it allows people to discharge their debts and break free from them while providing an opportunity to control their financial future.

Unemployment has hit California hard and Modesto is among the hardest hit areas nationwide, according to a recent report by KRCA.com. While unemployment rates nationwide have continued to drop slightly recently, Modesto still ranks among the highest cities for unemployment rates nationwide.

In fact, in November, 9 of the 10 worst cities for unemployment were located in California. El Centro, California had an unbelievably high 27.2 percent unemployment to lead all cities, while Yuma, Arizona checked in at 23.7 percent. Modesto ranked No. 6 overall at 15.5 percent.

The Modesto Bee recently highlighted one family that is struggling mightily with debt as a result of job loss and is using a Modesto bankruptcy to its advantage. The family of five has struggled since 2009, when David lost his job as a bottled water truck driver. Laura worked part time as a waitress and they owned a three-bedroom house, a boat and took frequent trips to Disneyland with their three daughters.

After David was laid off, the health insurance expired, the boat was repossessed and the trips to Disneyland stopped. The couple filed for bankruptcy to get protection from their debts as they begin to recover from the whirlwind that life has put them in.

Laura is working part time, going to school and seeking a job in the medical field. David is searching for jobs, but seeks disability pay for migraines. Despite a lack of healthcare, the family is able to cover two of their daughters who have pre-existing conditions and other low-cost medical options are helping.

Our Modesto bankruptcy lawyers believe that bankruptcy will go a long way toward helping this family recover from the difficult situation they find themselves in. By clearing off debts, families can begin the process of recovering and starting fresh. Bankruptcy laws are designed to help consumers struggling with debt. Allow these laws to help you if you are in a difficult financial situation.

If you or someone you know needs to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer in Modesto or Stockton, contact the Law Offices of Robert J. Anaya for a free and confidential appointment. Call today 1-209-522-7500.

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